Summer Bouquet Wedding Cake

Here I am putting the last touches on what ended up a very simple elegant wedding cake.
Anytime I meet with a bride I always get filled with excitement! I mean seriously! How exciting is a wedding?!?


When I first met with this bride I saw more fear than excitement in her eyes. She was only 2 months away from her big day and they had not picked out a cake designer. Luckily I had a few open spots on my schedule .


She told me her colors were Royal Blue, Lime Green and Yellow (at first i mentally frowned at the color combination). She told me she wanted 3 white tiers with the coordinating colors. The Bridesmaids were wearing Royal Blue satin and the bouquets were going consist of yellow daisies with green flower accents. Being that I was not found of the colors, I found designing this cake a bit challenging and actually was not sure I could pull it off and be proud of what I created.


Knowing the bride wanted a simple elegant cake I had to go back to basics, and being an outside the box designer, it just added to the challenge.


I drew up a simple sketch of what I though the bride would like and she loved it. I was able to get extra ribbon from the florist that was used to wrap the bouquets. I had also worked with the florist to create a simple and yet elegant flower topper. I then asked for extra flowers so that I could place them sporadically around the tiers to bring it all together.
I impressed myself with the outcome.


When the bridal party walked in it took my breath away how wonderfully well the cake went with the bridal party!

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